John Bolton an American version of Don Quixote in White House

Javad Ershadi  Don Quixote has been inspiring to many a man of thought that prefer to be responsive to their…

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Kuwait seems unwilling to follow the GCC counterparts on ties with Israel

Although Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) smaller states concur on many policies, such as Syrian government being admitted back into…

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Gilgit-Baltistan Constitutional Status awaits Supreme Court’s judgment

The Supreme Court has reserved its verdict in a case regarding the constitutional status of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) and the grant…

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Netflix compromised freedom of expression for the sake of Saudi Crown Prince MBS

Video streaming giant Netflix has come under fire for pulling a comedy program that Saudi Arabia found offensive because it…

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US airstrikes continue to kill Syrians despite troops pullout announce

There is no end to US airstrikes despite US President Donald Trump’s announcement for troops’ withdrawal from Syria where civilians…

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US now stay in Syria on pretext of reconstruction thru Saudi funding

It is very much clear that US administration under President Donald Trump will continue their presence in Syria and now…

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New scenario unfolds as Turkey vows to lead fight against Daesh

After pullout of US troops from Syria announced by President Trump, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday that Turkey…

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Failure of US diplomacy evident from North Korean threats

The US diplomacy under President Trump seems to have failed in the case of North Korea too as the nuclear…

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British PM faces Brexit mess despite surviving no confidence vote

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is safe, for now. She has survived a no-confidence vote engineered by her own Conservative…

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Trump snatches defeat in trade war due to tariffs he imposed

President Donald Trump is losing his war on the US trade deficit and the evidence is growing that his own…

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