US And Biological Weapons Strategy

Recently, a Kazakh scientist has published his lengthy investigation on the US use of biological activities as “strategic weapons.”

He, recently died because of coronavirus, in part of his investigation revealed that the Pentagon is running “over thousand” labs across the world to develop biological weapons. Here are parts of this report:

– The Pentagon’s biological labs are registered nowhere. They are set up unofficially and are used to develop biological weapons, tests, and “gene banks.”

– The civil bio-laboratories of the US are, actually, the same new and secret military bases that are established in defiance of the biological non-proliferation pacts and to circumvent the related UN conventions.

– The US strategy to impose its will on the other countries stems from a “global presence” to conduct a “preemptive war.”

– The US military’s biological labs, which were built in various countries, are ostensibly run by the Department of Health and Human Services but are, in fact, run secretly and beyond the access of the local administrations.

– Although the Pentagon refrains from revealing the exact number of the labs with military applications outside the country, they reportedly reach over 100 labs.

– Decoding the human genes and the latest advances and achievements in cellular and molecular biology facilitate developments of the third generation of biological weapons for the US, and in the near future, generic and molecular weapons with massive potentials to impact specific genes will be used in advanced biological wars.

– Under the new biotechnology, Washington seeks to sophisticate viruses with multiple capabilities and with different performances that would be able to attack a specific organ of the human body and disturb it, for example viruses that can only affect the human brain or impact the sight, digestive system, or reproductive system and deactivate it. So, biological weapons are a genocide in the making.

– Currently, it is only possible to test the viruses on transporters of different genes, namely existent in some races or specific ethnic groups.

– After the First World War and by 1972, biological weapons were used 244 times. In 1972, international conventions on the prevention of production and storage of biological and toxic weapons were passed by the UN. But the US did not join them.

Here are the US activities surrounding the use of biological weapons:

– In 1942, in Gruinard Island of Scotland, tests were conducted for anthrax against Germany, making the island deserted there.

– In 1981, the US used Dengue fever against Cuba, leaving over 344,000 Cubans ill.

– During the Cold War, specific species of wheat fungus, also called Ergot, were developed to destroy grain farms and food. They also led to an illness of the livestock on massive scales.

– The Korean army documents demonstrate that the Americans used biological agents during the Korean War in the early 1950s.

– In unrecorded documents, the US conducted close to 10 biological weapons tests in Japan’s Okinawa Island. Similar tests were also made in Taiwan.

– The Pentagon, as part of its secret program, also dubbed “Project 112”, conducted biological tests in Egypt, Liberia, South Korea, and Japan. The results were put under study in labs in Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

– New and highly dangerous type of bird flu, also codenamed H5M1, is generated in lab conditions by US biologists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and can be the key endangerment to the very human existence.

– In India, an epidemic killed about 100. An epidemic in northern Kenya affected 407,000 people and killed 119.

– In 2008, Uganda experienced an outbreak of a new type of Ebola virus. In the same year, plague broke out in Babil, Iraq.

– And in 2009, new cases of plague in Zimbabwe were over 60,000, of them over 3,000 died.


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