Reasons Why Zia Massoud Asked for Summit of Mujahideen Council

Ahmad Zia Massoud, the special envoy to President Ashraf Ghani for reform and good governance who has traveled to Takhar to check the security situation, stated that unfortunately the Afghan government has no plan to fight against armed rebels; in addition, the security forces and the Afghan military cannot alone ensure the security of this country, as 350 thousand military forces have failed to deal with the Talaban which at most has 20 thousand forces.

Ahmad Zia Massoud, in a meeting with tribal leaders and government officials of Takhar province, talking about insecurity in northern Afghanistan, said that “the enemy makes efforts to make the northern regions insecure. However, the war against the Taliban and other terrorist groups is a patriotic war and a national duty of every citizen”. He warned that:

– Taliban will launch massive offensive operations in the spring of the next year to take provinces of Kunduz, Takhar and Badakhshan. Taliban intends to buy time to organize its future attacks. Terrorists in Afghanistan, are mercenary groups that will be defeated if foreign aids from some countries are stopped.

– Political and military presence of the Mujahideen in all areas of Afghanistan is among the basic needs of the country, and the Mujahideen must take over the leadership of the war, because they have experience and sufficient strength in this area. If the Mujahideen and local commanders are not ready for this all-out war, the fall of northeastern provinces to the Taliban would be inevitable.

– If they are waiting for peace, they are just wasting their time; they should be prepared to defend their territory. According to the proposal of Mujahedeen, the Mujahideen Council should be formed as a “brigade” and join the Afghan army and every Afghan citizen have an obligation to contribute in the fight against the Taliban.

– We do not advocate war, but the current trend of peace negotiations will have no benefit and it is just a waste of time, because the peace process has just begun and it will be ongoing until the benefits of countries involved in Afghanistan are served by terrorist groups, this way the peace process will not work.”

According to Ahmad Zia Massoud, we should note that security and peace in Afghanistan, has always been a complex issue. The US forces occupied Afghanistan under the pretext of fighting terrorism, creating security and stability and reconstructing Afghanistan, but in practice not only the security did not improve, but also there are currently more armed terrorist groups disturbing security in Afghanistan. The areas affected by war have spread from southern to northern and western regions, and in every corner of the country, terrorist groups such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the Haqqani network, Hekmatyar’s Islamic Party and the Taliban, etc., continue their destructive actions and bring about insecurity.

Therefore, the present and future security situation of Afghanistan primarily depends on the US policies and practices on three key themes: combating terrorism, creating peace, and ensuring security. However, the Americans have not been honest in any of them, and were basically unable to restrain the Taliban; therefore, they changed their position to negotiation with the Taliban. Although negotiation with the Taliban has been proposed several years ago, the peace negotiations are seriously pursued by the United States, China, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Three rounds of the meetings were held in Islamabad and Kabul, and the fourth meeting will be held on 4 March in Kabul. But the fact is that the peace talks in which the cease-fire is not maintained, and terrorism and insecurity continue, the peace talks would be a kind of mirage and a waste of time.

Accordingly, Ahmad Zia Massoud who has been a member of the United Northern Alliance, has traveled to northern provinces of Afghanistan including Takhar, Kunduz and Badakhshan and has voiced his concerns about security situation of the region and has called for serious measures of Mujahideen Council against the Taliban, and emphasizes that a brigade should be formed by the Mujahideen Council to strongly stand against the terrorists, something that has been neglected in recent years and the appeasement of Ashraf Ghani government has also made way for show of power by the Taliban. In fact, Ashraf Ghani the same as the US, views Taliban a rebel group that can have a share in the power construction in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the jihadi groups emphasize the fact that the national unity government should not ignore and forgot the war crimes Taliban has committed, and it should be prosecuted for them.

However, the conflicts and differences in approaches in dealing with the Taliban, and the weakness of the national unity government in dealing with groups like the Taliban on the one hand, and the intrusive policies of the West and some pro-Taliban regional countries on the other hand, have made them powerful and the intrusive policies of some countries of the region have helped ISIS to increase its influence in Afghanistan. Taliban earn hundreds of millions of dollars from drug trafficking and it is supported by some countries in the region, but it is clear from the evidence that they have not and will not retreat from their positions and demands from the Afghan government and about foreign troops, and that is why Ahmad Zia Massoud argues that it is a waste of time to negotiate with the Taliban.


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