Indian Shias rise up against violence

shia_indiaSeveral Shia organisations in a meeting on Thursday appealed to Muslim clerics for maintaining peace during the upcoming Muharram. The organisations also denounced the pressure building tactics by some Muslim clerics for transfer of some officials.

According to the Shiite News Correspondent,”The clerics must think twice about their act of mounting pressure in the  name of Muharram processions on the state government. Their move is nothing more than a face saving situation,” said Shia community leader Ghazanfar Agha on Thursday. The organizations decried the violent protest on November 13 by some Shia youths after the arrest of Maulana Kalbe Jawwad in an issue involving supremacy over Shia PG College. “Maulana Jawwad should distance himself from such elements who indulged in violence. This is not Lucknow’s tehzeeb. Tearing government hoardings, slogan shouting against Chief Minister, attacking petrol pump and poor vendors is not justified. One cannot also place any demand in the backdrop of such violence,” said Agha.

Decrying Jawwad’s supporter, he remarked that Shia community is already backward and it will lead to further alienation. “Instead of wasting their energy they should sit together and help in peaceful Muharram. There are other issues such as sprucing up civic amenities during Muharram should be taken up in right earnest,” he added. The major organisations which attended the meeting held at Katra Abu Turab Khan included Al Asr Foundation, All India Shia Unity Council, Tanzeem-e-Shianey Haiderey Karar, Shia Young Society, Abu Talib MIssion, Imam-e-Hasan Academy, Tanzeem-e-Millat, Taziyedar Sewak Sangh and Imam-e-Raza Committee.


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