Indonesian Lady: “I’ve Been Oppressed for Being Muslim Shiite But I Became Firm on the Course of Imam Hussein & Lady Zaineb”

emiliaAmong the delegations attended the Ninth International Cultural Martyrdom Spring Festival sponsored by the Secretariats-General of the Imam Hussein and El-Abbas holy shrines, Emilia “Zenuba” an Indonesian converted-into-Islam female and a member in the Human Rights Organization and has a Master degree from the U.S.A said to the official website of the Imam Hussein holy shrine, “I actually came to Kerbala without thinking of what is happening in here or how I would be received because I came for Imam Hussein (p.b.u.h). At the same time, I have been surprised by the great hospitality Iraqi people are known for, the great reception, and the services available everywhere.”

She also mentioned that she is one of the faithful towards Imam Hussein (p.b.u.h). She also mentioned that she used to be a Christian but she converted into Islam after her family did, but she didn’t pray because she had 100 question requiring answers that she used to be preoccupied with. She began to ask Sunni people about her questions but it returned nothing. Therefore, she determined not to give up seeking the fact of Islam until she searched for the answers for her questions online then she found that her questions had already been answered by Shiite people. Since then, she started praying confidently, and then she came to Iraq in order to perform pilgrimage to Imam Hussein (p.b.u.h).

She also said, “I have been oppressed for being Muslim Shiite but I have become more firm on the course of Imam Hussein and Lady Zaineb (peace be upon them). I have considered Lady Zaineb as the best ideal for me in this life because I have read so much about such a great woman the world over and been informed about how much burdens she had borne. Therefore I named myself Zenuba “Zaineb” regarding such an incomparable woman in the whole history.”

She also mentioned that she always does her best in Indonesia to guide people to confidently convert into Islam, and she thank Almighty Allah for being able to successfully guide so many people to convert into Islam.


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