Almarzooq: Threats and pressure will not force the opposition to elections

Khalil Almarzooq, Assistant Secretary-General of Al Wefaq National Islamic Society, said the opposition cannot take a decision regarding the upcoming elections whilst under official threats and pressure. Almarzooq spoke at a Ramadan gathering in Daih, west to Manama.

He said, “The regime is intensifying restrictive security measures against the opposition societies that are supposed to be seen as a main partner in the political process.”

Almarzooq said as long as there is no reconciliation speech in the media and as long as political prisoners remain in jail and without any political gains to the opposition, it cannot participate in the elections.

“One cannot say that the opposition’s boycott of the elections is a wrong stance because we have participated before and tried to change laws from within the legislative council but we found that this is impossible,” he said. Almarzooq stressed restructuring the political system is necessary so as to make value of participation.

“We are ready for a solution, we are ready for genuine dialogue, but we are also ready for consequences of standing up for our people. We will not be influenced by arrests, summonses and trials,” he added.


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