Bahrain hit by fresh anti-regime protests

Bahraini protesters have held fresh demonstrations against the ruling Al Khalifa regime in different parts of the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom.

Anti-regime protesters rallied in the towns of Nuwaidrat, Eker, and Bilad al-Qadim on Sunday.

Security forces attacked the protesters, who were demanding the release of all political prisoners, including the main opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman.

On June 16, a Bahraini court sentenced Salman, who is the secretary general of Bahrain’s main opposition party, al-Wefaq, to four years in prison on charges including insulting the Interior Ministry and inciting others to break the law. He was acquitted on charges of seeking regime change.

The 49-year-old senior Shia cleric, who was detained on December 28, 2014, however, has strongly denied the charges, emphasizing that he has been seeking reforms in his country through peaceful means.

Despite the foreign-backed clampdown, the Bahraini regime has failed to stop the demonstrations that continue on an almost daily basis across the country.

Since mid-February 2011, anti-regime protesters have been holding demonstrations on the streets of Bahrain, calling for the Al Khalifa family to relinquish power.

Scores of Bahrainis have been killed and hundreds of others wounded as a result of the ongoing violent crackdown on peaceful rallies in Bahrain.


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