Bahrain: Airlines Cancel Bookings of Citizens to/from Iran

Airlines in Bahrain sent text messages to their clients who had booked tickets from and to Iran informing them that their flights were canceled.

The text messages read: “Dear client. We would like to inform you that your flight number (…) from Bahrain to Mashhad was canceled.We apologize for any inconvenience, and we will help provide you with suitable alternatives. For more information or to rebook the flight please contact the Gulf Air Call Center or your travel agent.”

Bahraini citizen Jawad Matar said to Al Wasat newspaper that he was surprised a couple of days ago to hear that flights from and to Iran were being canceled so he called the Saudi Arabian Airlines office where he booked his ticket and was told that there were no official instructions to cancel the flights.

“After the official announcement to suspend flights, I received a text message stating so. I went myself to the company’s office, one of the officials told me that the flights were canceled and the tickets will be refunded to all clients according to the payment used when booking”, he added.

“He asked me to bring all the identity cards of those accompanying him in the flight in addition to the credit card he used to pay for the tickets in order to finish the procedures of refunding the tickets”, he further stated.

Matar demanded compensation for the damages resulting from the cancellation of the flights. The official; however, said that according to the Airlines’ law there is no compensation in such situations, adding that the compensation is only made if the flight was canceled while the passenger is inside the plane.


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