Sheikh Isa Qassim’s Trial Adjourned until October 24 to Call Attesting Witness

The fourth high criminal court presided over by judge Khalifa Al-Dhahrani held the fourth trial session of Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim and adjourned it until October 24, 2016 to call the attesting witness.

The authorities are suing Sheikh Isa Qassim, Sheikh Hussein and Mirza Al-Obeidi over practicing Shiite religious obligatory Khums (alms).

The lawyer assigned by the ministry of justice attended the session on behalf of Sheikh Hussein Al-Mahrous and presented his plea. However, none of the defendants attended the session.

It is to mention that Al-Mahrous who was arrested over assembly charge refused to assign a lawyer and to appear before the court as well. He was brought by force from the Dry Dock Prison to attend the session.


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