Bahraini Courts Issue Imprisonment Sentences Against 3 Prominent Shiite Clerics

Bahraini regime court issued Thursday (October 6, 2016) two-year imprisonment verdicts against prominent Shiite clerics, Mohammad Jawad Al-Shihabi and Sheikh Fadel Al-Zaki.

The court charged Al-Shihabi and Al-Zaki with taking part in the open Diraz protest, which has been condemning the revocation of Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim’s citizenship for 4 months.

Another court sentenced the head of the biggest Shiite religious institution in Bahrain, Sayyed Majeed Al-Mashaal, to a year imprisonment in a new case.

Al-Mashaal is currently serving a two-year imprisonment sentence for taking part in the Diraz demonstration, and which after the aforementioned sentence, was raised to 3 years.


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