Protesters stage demonstration at Bahrain & Saudi embassies in Britain

Protest-outside-Bahrain-Embassy-in-London-11The protesters have organized a demonstration outside the Bahraini embassy in London to condemn the crimes of the al-Khalifa regime in Bahrain and demand the release of arrested protesters in the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom. The protest organized by the London-based Bahraini Freedom Movement and supported by the Stop the War Coalition will be held today.

The demonstration comes after a 25-year-old youth was run down by a Bahraini police vehicle during anti-al Khalifa protests and was later martyred in a military hospital due to lack of care.

“The martyr who is from Saar Town, received horrible injuries but the police did not notify his family until the following day. No details have yet emerged about the period he had remained at the scene before being taken to hospital,” the Bahraini Freedom Movement said in a statement on Facebook.

“His funeral, attended by many people, was attacked viciously by the mercenary forces employed by the al Khalifa,” it added.

This comes as the al-Khalifa regime sentenced 11-year-old Ali Hassan to one year in prison on July 6 after taking part in a peaceful demonstration.

“This tragic development came on the day when another child was summarily hanged by members of the Death Squads, operated by the royal court. He was found dead by his family, hanged in his room shortly after Death Squads had been reported to have attacked houses and ransacked some of them,” it added.

The Stop the War Coalition said in a statement that “we will be protesting in solidarity with the prisoners in Bahrain demanding for their release”.


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