Bahraini regime forces arrest 8 mourners at funeral

bahraini women protestSaudi-backed Bahraini regime forces have arrested at least eight people in an attack on a funeral ceremony in the country’s third largest city, Muharraq.

The people had gathered in the city on Tuesday to mourn the death of a young Bahraini man who was beaten to death by the regime forces.

Sixteen-year-old Husam al-Haddad was killed on August 17 during an attack by Bahraini forces on a peaceful demonstration in the city.

On Tuesday, the regime forces set several checkpoints on the roads leading to Muharraq and tried to prevent mourners from visiting Haddad’s grave.

They used tear gas to disperse the protesters and arrested a number of them.

Anti-regime protests continue in Bahrain despite heavy-handed crackdown by regime forces.

Scores of people have been killed by Bahraini regime forces since a popular uprising erupted against the ruling Al Khalifa family in February 2011.

The protesters hold King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa responsible for the deaths of demonstrators during the uprising.


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