Bahraini women shot with tear gas canister

maa duaA video has emerged showing Bahraini regime forces directly shooting a group of women with tear gas canisters to disperse them during a protest in the capital, Manama.

The footage show protesters standing at the corner of a road in Damestan region on Thursday when they are being targeted with several tear gas canisters fired by police forces.

Bahraini regime has been widely criticized by human rights groups for direct shooting of tear gas at protesters which have resulted in several deaths.
Earlier Thursday, Bahraini protesters took to the streets to protest the detention of female activists.
Angry protesters rallied near the Bahraini Interior Ministry and burned one of the ministry’s vehicles.
They were calling for the release of two female inmates who were arrested during demonstrations against the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix, and later charged with concealing terrorist bombings.
Bahrainis have held several anti-F1 rallies over the past few weeks, stressing that “as long as there are oppression, arrests and killings, there should not be a Formula One.”
On April 24, the UN’s special rapporteur on torture expressed deep disappointment over a move by the Manama regime to practically “cancel” his planned visit to Bahrain.
“This was a unilateral decision by the authorities. Unfortunately, it is not the first time the government has tried to avoid responsibility for the postponement of my visit, which was originally supposed to take place over a year ago,” Juan Mendez stated.
Amnesty International also has condemned the move, saying the Manama regime was clearly “not serious” about implementing human rights reforms.


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