Sheikh Ali Salman: No Human Rights in Bahrain with Current Government

ali salman110Bahraini al-Wefaq Association’s Secretary General Sheikh Ali Salman commented on the Bahraini court’s decision on Sunday to lower a jail sentence on a police officer charged with a citizen’s murder and acquittal of two other officers also charged with murder. He reiterated on this account, “Ceasing violations and holding its perpetrators accountable is only an illusion with the current government.”Moreover, Sheikh Salman tweeted, “The Bahraini people are convinced that there cannot be any justice or accountability to human rights violators without an elected government,” adding, “These sentences put the international community morally responsible, and it wished to punish human rights violators, it must exert pressures to form an elected government.”The Secretary General considered, “If the Bahraini people are not the true source of authority, then there is no justice or respect for human rights.”


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