Violations of religious freedom continue in Bahrain

alwafaq3The Ministry of Municipalities is turning a land of the demolished Abu Thar mosque in Nuwaidrat to a playground. The mosque is one of 38 mosques demolished by the regime during the state of emergency in 2011. The Shiite mosque was built about 70 years ago with an official document of the precise area of land.

A housing project is planned to be built in the residential area around the mosque, with a playground to be built on the land next to the mosque. Shockingly, a couple of seesaws have been placed in the land of the mosque, and a new Sunni mosque has been built on the land that was meant to be for the playground.

Abdali Mohammed Hasan, the former MP of Al Wefaq bloc stated, “We are not concerned that a mosque has been built for our Sunni brothers in place of the planned playground. Rather, we are extremely concerned that promises to rebuild the historic Abu Thar mosque will not be kept. This is clear provocation to the Shiite sect”.

On Saturday, security forces placed checkpoints in streets leading to the demolished mosque and surrounded it with police patrols banning worshipers from holding prayer there. The prayer was then transferred to another demolished mosque in the same area.


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