Iran’s strategic outlook toward Iraq

The Islamic Republic supports anyone who is democratically chosen as president or prime minister in Iraq and this has been Iranˈs stance on developments in the neighboring state. Iran has never been after imposing its view about the leadership in Iraq.

Now that Prime Minister-designate Haider al-Abadi is about to form a government, Iran pursues the same approach.

Tuesday edition of the English language Iran Daily writes that Iran has a strategic outlook toward developments in Iraq and seeks stability in that country because it is in line with its national interests.

Former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki took power at a time when Iraq was going through tough days but managed to navigate in rough waters. Saudi Arabia and a number of other Arab countries went on a collision course with Maliki and tried to undermine his government. Maliki rightfully believed that Iraqˈs crisis had its roots outside the country and was stoked by certain Arab states including Saudi Arabia and Qatar that financed terrorist groups operating in Iraq.

Now these countries are supporting Abadi in a bid to downplay his predecessor. Abadi should adopt policies that would help eradicate terrorism in Iraq and end the crisis.

The reality is that ISIL militants are now playing a major, though destructive, role in Iraq. They are in full control of large swathes of land and have established a government. And in some restive areas, they do whatever they want including acts of terror, bombing, killing, kidnapping and such. This means that Iraq is in a state of emergency.

Now that a new government is set to take over in Iraq, the leadership should officially ask the Arab countries that back the ISIL to immediately stop supporting and providing arms to them.


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