Iranˈs nulcer proposal win-win; US loser in anti-Iran effort

Interim Friday Prayers leader of Tehran advised the US, the West and the world powers negotiating with Iran to accept Iranˈs advice and yield to its win-win proposal, which he said is to the benefit of the region, the West, and Iran altogether.

If you would not accept Iranˈs proposal there would be no win-win deal, but a win-lose one,ˈ said Ayatollah Mohammad Movahhedi Kermani, addressing the six world powers engaged in nuclear negotiations with Iran, in his second sermon for hundreds of Tehrani worshipers.

This weekˈs Tehran Friday preacher meanwhile surveyed the loser side, if a win-win deal will not be possible, asking whether Iran, or the West, and particularly the US will be the losers.

ˈWhenever the United States has stood to resist against the Iranian nation and their revolution it has been a loser,ˈ he said.

He set example of the US support for the last Iranian monarch, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, reminding the Americans that they had supported him to the very end, ˈbut he lost, became a fugitive, and the Iranian nation emerged as winners.ˈ

ˈThe Americans armed the ousted Iraqi dictator to the teeth so that he would harm Iran, but eventually Iran did not lose even an inch of its soil and the UN Secretary General of the time considered Saddam Hussain as the criminal side of the war, which was another loss for the US,ˈ added Ayatollah Kermani.

The ayatollah also referred to the US military invasion against Iraq, hoping to establish a pro-US government in that country, but the result was the establishment of an Islamic government, he said.

He said that the main loss for the United States, its main regional ally, Israel, and its other regional allies was that their world image has got more hated and disgusting in the world nationsˈ eyes with the passage of each new day in recent decades.

ˈThey showed their real face and the world nations realized those murderers better, so even in the western countries the Down with USA motto echoed, and by grace of God that hatred and detestation gets more severe with the passage of each new day, and the anti-US slogans are heard around the globe today,ˈ he said.

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