Tehran Friday prayer Leader condemns ‘deal of century’ as failure

Friday Prayers Leader of Tehran slammed the so-called ” the Deal of the Century” and noted it was a scandal for the disgraced US President.

Hojjatoleslam Kaezm Seddiqi, noting that the plan is doomed to failure, highlighted, “The deal has created a new uprising in the Islamic world which will prevent them from achieving their nasty goals.”

“The plan is a big mess and also a scandal for the US President and the Zionist regime,” he said addressing the Prayers, “It forces Palestinians out of their houses and seizes their rightful lands.”

Trump administration recently unveiled the so-called Deal of the Century, drawing condemnations from Palestine and the Islamic world, as well as other countries, that believe the plan to be in clear violation of the Palestinian’s rights. The EU also rejected the deal in a statement.

Referring to the upcoming parliamentary election on February 21, the senior cleric underlined, “The Iranian parliament must comply with the people’s and Martyr General Qasem Soleimani’s values and thinking, stating that the people should not vote for those who have pinned their hopes on foreigners.”

Calling for active presence in the upcoming parliamentary elections which he described as a divine phenomenon, the senior cleric said that the people did not participate in political decision-makings before the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution and it is for the same reason that they accomplished the revolution.

Describing the Islamic Revolution as Gd’s grace, he said that the Islamic Revolution does not belong to a special group; rather it belongs to all.

Seddiqi also hailed massive turnout in Bahman 22 rallies, saying that the huge presence indicate public strength, hope, Revolution’s durability and solidarity for countering arrogant powers.



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