Ayatollah Khamenei to Lebanese students: Get ready to create more humane, moral world

Following a competition entitled ‘Letters to Leader’ at Al-Mahdi Schools in Lebanon, a collection of letters from Lebanese students was presented to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, and Ayatollah Khamenei responded to these letters, urging the students to create a world which will be more secure, humane and moral.

According to the ‘Youth and Leader of the Revolution’ section of the information base of the Office for the Preservation and Publication of Ayatollah Khamenei’s Works, Ayatollah Khamenei in response to the Lebanese students’ letter, while appreciated their pure and innocent feelings, advised them to acquire knowledge, faith and piety.

Ayatollah Khamenei also called on Lebanese students to prepare for a better future and to strive to create a world that will be more secure, humane and moral.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution went on to ask Allah the All-Mighty for the happiness of Lebanese students.

Al-Mahdi Schools with 17 branches and more than 20,000 students is one of the educational and training complexes affiliated with the Lebanese Hezbollah Movement, which has been working since 1993 to educate the faithful and knowledgeable generations.


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