Islamic culture is strong and can stand against external threats

Using a term from a narration from the Prophet Muhammad, Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi described the establishment of an Islamic government as one of the “breezes of tranquillity” and emphasized that we should take advantage of these breezes. He explained that youth is another breeze which will not always exist, so we should make use of it by studying, purifying our souls and serving our country.

“Several centuries passed without a [true] Islamic government being established in Iran until God Almighty favoured Imam Khomeini and used the opportunities and established an Islamic government,” he added.

He continued by stating after centuries of moral, economic, political destruction in the country, these governments destroyed whatever they could within a short period of time. Even during the Shah’s era, they destroyed history and promoted subversive sects.

The renowned source of emulation explained that now we have the blessings of an Islamic government and we must unite as this is not the time to play with groups and factions – we must use the opportunities which we have because we do not know for how long we will have these opportunities.

His Eminence explained that advisors to the provincial governors must take advantage of the Islamic government. He explained that he is hopeful that the advisors do not just have a ceremonial role, but rather, they must give advice and the governors must listen to their advice because if they do not listen to the advice, there will be many negative effects on their rule.

Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani emphasized that extremism, lethargy and laziness is not correct manners of governance. Governors must accomplish their work at a reasonable speed. They must understand that cultural issues are very important. “In the current era, Iran suffers from many adverse conditions due to access to unrestricted satellites channels, the Internet, and social [networks] which can attract people toward corruption and corruptive agents. However, Islamic culture is strong and can stand against [these threats],” he explained.

He added that conferences were important opportunities for coordination, exchanging experiences and taking advantage of the speeches and lectures of the sources of emulation and scholars. “Conferences must not be mere formalities in order that fragmentation does not appear anywhere in the world.”

He addressed the advisors, saying “Your duty is to be careful in regard to cultural issues and know where to spend cultural funds. Do not use cultural funds in other sectors. For example, spending cultural funds on football. If you do this, we will not have a cultural budget. During meetings, study and make notes.”


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