Saudi claim to be ‘Servants of the Two Holy Shrines’ a great deception

Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Mahmoud Hashemi-Shahroudi, in his meeting with leaders and missionaries from the Office of Propagation of the Islamic Seminary of Qom at his office referred to the importance of propaganda and the role of the media in today’s world, saying that the media has an important role in Western countries, who use it to dominate and establish their colonialist hegemony in other countries where they seek to force their thoughts on people. This is especially true in the Middle East.

He added that Saudi Arabia is one of those countries where the extensive broadcasting of propaganda has been made use of in order that the House of Saud can reach their goals.

The member of Iran’s Guardian Council stated that the House of Saud has spent their vast petrodollars to promote themselves as the “Servants of the Two Holy Shrines” in the Middle East but it is certain that the Wahhabi regime are not Servants of the Two Holy Shrines, and this is only a great deception and a lie to beautify their ugly faces in the region and in the Muslim world.

Ayatollah Hashemi-Shahroudi said that the House of Saud are complaisant with Western powers and the Zionist regime in order to prevent the influence and power of the Iranian Islamic Revolution. “They engage in fratricide and infanticide throughout the region, so how can they be considered as the ‘Servants of the Two Holy Shrines?’” he asked.

He said that in the current era, propagation and media are considered as the most important tools by the neo-colonialist powers to implement their goals throughout the world.
Ayatollah Hashemi-Shahroudi added that we must realize that in the past, media tools were limited and there were not as many opportunities to engage with the world, but today thanks to the advancement of science and technology, one can have a communicate by both voice and video with people all over the world.


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