Al Saud, MKO and ISIS formed a coalition to create insecurity in Iran: Ayatollah Arafi

During his Friday prayer sermon to a crowd of believers, Sheikh Ali-Reza Arafi, The Friday prayer leader of Qom, referred to regional issues and noted: “Today, a coalition of MKO members, Al Saud, ISIL and other small Takfiri groups who are not happy with Iran’s Revolution have formed against Iran as they have felt the impact of the Resistance which has fought back with all of its might against this network.”

The head of al-Mustafa International University explained that despite the differences between the various Takfiri groups, they have united and planned to create insecurity in Iran, a revolutionary country which enjoys security. An example of this is that in the last few days, Iran has discovered elements of these groups which are controlled behind-the-scenes by the United States and the Zionists.

“They have planned to make the strong and firm fortress of Iran insecure,” he said.

Sheikh Arafi said that the enemies must know that Iran and its Islamic Revolution will never surrender to these conspiracies and added: “We stand against you and our nation will stand by their Supreme Leader with solidarity, authority and will follow him. They must know that their plots to create insecurity in Iran will only disgrace them and will lead to nowhere.”

Addressing the enemies, the head of the Islamic Seminaries across Iran said: “Many times during the past 37 years, you’ve tested the great Iranian people, our passionate youth and our military forces and you will be defeated once again so stop this treachery.”

The member of the Supreme Council of Islamic Seminaries referred to the enemies’ plan to spread sectarianism and expressed regret that deceived groups are pursuing an evil and dangerous plan to spread sectarianism. “We consider this American and Zionist plan as an attempt to create internal conflict in the Islamic world,” he said.

Sheikh Arafi referred to the heartbreak of the Islamic Ummah pain over the events occurring in Bahrain, Yemen, Syria and Iraq and said all of these oppressed nations have been attacked by tyrannous regimes and bloodthirsty groups.

He added that the Al Khalifah regime knows that the Muslims of the world stand alongside the Bahraini people and that the health and status of Sheikh Isa Qassim and leaders of the Islamic movements everywhere in the world are important to Muslims.

His Eminence said: “We hope that international institutions distance themselves from the scandals which surround them and from the crimes that they have been silent over or have supported. Our hope is in God and the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Ummah will triumph against all conspiracies.”


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