Velayati: Iraq asked for Iran’s help, Supreme Leader approved

the Supreme Leader’s Advisor for International Affairs held a meeting with Sheikh Akram al-kaabi, Hezbollahal-Nujaba Islamic Resistance’s Secretary-General, on Thursday September 1st and stated “consider Iran not only your second home, but your first. The two neighboring countries of Iran and Iraq have had alot in common throughout history and this has created the atmosphere of brotherhood and closeness”.

Pointing out at Sheikh al-Kaabi’s position in Iraq he said “this organization has taken invaluable efforts to fullfill Iraqi people’s goals and I hope that al-Nujaba officials will be successful in reaching their goals. The name Hezbollah al-Nujaba is becoming of this precious and pioneer organization. The leaders of this organization are well aware of the political issues of the whole region”.

He added “over the past years, Iraqi people have proved to be worthy of such victories. They have taken the steps to victory one by one and have had precious acheivements”.

President of Expediency Discernment Council’s Center for Strategic Research pointed out at Iraqi people’s significant role in the stability of the region and stated “if Iraqi people did not acheive their goals and would not drive Americans back after Saddam regime’s downfall, not only this country would have been lost, but also the regional stability would have vanished”.

Speaking about the reasons behind Iraq’s success against ISIS he said “one of the most important reasons were the Maraji (sources of emulation) and people’s allegiance to them”.

He added: another reason is the establishment of democracy in Iraq which is unique in the Arab world. The last reason was the existance of Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi. If this Shiite group did not exist, victory over ISIS would not have been possible”.

Stressing on Iran’s help to Iraq he clarified “ i quote Iraqi officials who said “Iraqi government officially asked Iran for help and the Supreme Leader authorized it”. The demand and the answer were both legitimate”.

Describing the relationship between Iran and Iraq as excellent he said “there are no other two countries which have so many similarities. If Iran and Iraq were together, which are now, they can save the region from the evils of the U.S and the Zionist Regime”.

He added: “if Iraq and Iraq did not cooperate, Syria would not have been saved, and Lebanon can not be saved. This is called the chain of Resistance. All the links need to be there for the chain to work and succeed”.

Stressing on Resistance Axis’s victories, Velayati clarified “five years has passed since the world war against Iraq and Syria. Now Iraq has defeated ISIS and Syria has gained relative victories”.

Speaking about the necessity of Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi’s presence in Mosul operation he said “al-Nujaba’s analysis of the regional developments is correct. Al-Hashd must take part in Mosul operation. Just yesterday Mr. Hadi Al-Amiri, one of Al-Hashd’s prominent commanders, also stated that Al-Hashd must take part in Mosul operation”.

He added “ in the cities where Al-Hashd contributed to the liberation, the cities were destroyed the least but in cities where Americans played a role in liberation, the whole cities were razed. They plan to rebuild these cities by the money Iraq makes from selling oil”.


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