Takfirism threat to security of entire world: Iran defense minister

Takfiri terrorism poses a threat to the security of all countries across the world, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan says.

“The Takfiri current is not limited to Iraq and Syria and threatens the security of the entire world,” Dehqan said on Monday.

“Iran regards regional security as its own security and believes that insecurity in the region will endanger the security of the whole world,” he added.
He said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s proposal dubbed World Against Violence and Extremism (WAVE) to the United Nations showed that the Islamic Republic was a “flag-bearer of the fight against a current which has endangered the security of the world.”

In 2013, Iran’s President Rouhani proposed the contours of an international effort against extremism in a speech at the United Nations General Assembly. That proposal, known as WAVE, was drafted and tabled in the form of a resolution at the General Assembly, which adopted the text in December 2013.

Among other provisions, the resolution “encourages the efforts of leaders to discuss within their communities the causes of violent extremism and discrimination and to evolve strategies to address these causes.”

The defense minister further emphasized that if violence is not countered across the world, international security will be jeopardized.


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