Leader calls Qom, honour and dignity of Islamic Iran

leader-ali-khameniaiLeader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei called the holy city of Qom as the honour, dignity and prestige of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In a meeting today with officials of various districts of Qom Province, he said serving Qom is like serving the whole of Iran, and stressed that on holy Qom hinges the honour and dignity of the Islamic Republic of Iran because it is the cradle of the Islamic Revolution, the centre of the world’s largest Islamic seminary, and the residence of outstanding ulema and religious figures.

On propaganda tirade of the western media against Qom in the recent days, the Leader said this shows the significance of the city, adding  that one of the propaganda ploys of the opponents of the Islamic system over the past three decades is to undermine and to belittle the symbols of the Revolution and Islam, especially the city of Qom.

He noted that the enemy specifically targets holy Qom and has made vain attempts to stir anti-revolutionary tendencies in it, since it is the base of the greatness of Islam and the flag-bearer of the Islamic Revolution.

However, added Ayatollah Khamenei, the people of Qom with their glorious presence over the past few days have firmly rejected the enemy’s propaganda and plots by a grand display of their awareness and the depth of their faith.


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