Leader: Basij; a major, irrefutable and unique fact

leaderandbasijThe Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, has described Basij volunteer forces as a major, irrefutable and unique fact.

Concurrent with the auspicious occasion of Eid Ghadir Khom, and on the verge of Basij Day, on Thursday, the Leader of Islamic Revolution, in an address to 110,000 Basijis of Tehran Province, referred to the role played by Basij mobilization forces in today’s community, while adding that currently, popular Basiji forces are a major, irrefutable and unique fact, and an  organized and purposeful group.

Touching upon the presence of Basij in different military, scientific, cultural, and artistic scenes, the Leader of Islamic Revolution pointed out that in any field, with a Basiji spirit, piety, faith, and courageousness, major accomplishments can be attained.

On the steadfastness of the Iranian nation against the enemy’s conspiracies in the past thirty years, the Leader reiterated that in these years the Iranian nation has gained further strength, and the foes have been undermined. The Leader referred to the necessity to maintain the preparedness of Basij against conspiracies, and underlined that this readiness should be maintained based on Basiji insight, purity, and spirit, as the secret behind the Iranian nation’s victory.

In further remarks, the Leader of Islamic Revolution pointed out that Gadhir Khom is not just the topic of Shiites and belongs to all Muslims and all human beings.

The Leader reiterated that the sacred religion of Islam wants the facts of divine rules to materialize in the community and this is only feasible through establishment of the divine power and authority.


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