Iranian general killed in Israeli jail?

jailA source says retired Iranian general Ali-Reza Asgari may have been killed by Mossad in an Israeli prison, the Eurasia Review reports.There have been “new and astonishing developments in the case of Prisoner X,” writes Richard Silverstein on the Eurasia Review website, claiming that a source within the “inner circle” of Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has identified the prisoner as the Iranian general . According to Silverstein, Asgari may have been murdered, and not committed suicide as reports of the prisoner’s mysterious death suggested. “Mysterious suicide behind bars: A man committed suicide two weeks ago by hanging [himself] in the solitary cell where he was held in Ayalon Prison. This is the 13th prisoner this year who successfully commits suicide while in custody or detention, and the second this month. His death remains a mystery and no details on the identity of the man [have been provided],” an earlier report by the Ynet news agency said, before the article was removed from the site.

“According to the standard version, he committed suicide in his cell within the past week or so. Ynet reported the suicide story and noted that it was under gag order. Of course, this story was erased from the internet,” writes the journalist.

Nevertheless, Silverstein questions the circumstances surrounding the death of the inmate who, the journalist says, “is Asgari, and not some other secret security prisoner.”

“In the case of the death of a prisoner under special treatment [held by the security services], why it was not within the power of the Prison Service to prevent the suicide or some other form of violent death?” asks Silverstein.

“He is a victim of the Israeli secret police. … It is they, and no one else including me, who is responsible for his death,” writes the journalist.

Silverstein says Israel held Asgari while telling the world he was enjoying his new life as a defector in Virginia.

“It also seems likely that the security services … must’ve exhausted the useful information they could get from him. And so in yet another sense he was expendable,” Silverstein says in his article.

Silverstein points the finger at Israeli spy agency Mossad as the main culprit.

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