Ahmadinejad to West: Alter Bullying or Lose Face

ahmdi_nijaadIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called on Western countries to rectify their policies toward other nations or face more defeat and humiliation. “You should know that the continuation of your past trend will yield no result for you but further defeat and humiliation,” President Ahmadinejad said addressing a large crowd of people in the province of Semnan on Tuesday. Shiite News reported.

The Iranian President also pointed out that Western countries need to admit to their wrong policies in order to forestall further setbacks in the years ahead. He added that the West had to cease its arrogant policies towards weaker states and instead respect the rights of other nations.

“But there is a second option. You must accept that you have … committed mistakes, that you have taken a deviant path. You need to return from that path and scrap your dominance over some parts of the world,” the president said.

“Put an end to occupations and bullying. Respect other nations and their rights. Stop aggression and invasion … In doing so, nations will forgive you and give you an opportunity to make up for your past errors and heinous crimes,” he noted.

The Iranian president also insisted that the enemies of the country will fail to fulfill their plots against the Islamic Republic. He said that the Iranian nation will “not allow any of its enemies to fulfill even their smallest wishes,” adding that the enemies will carry such wishes to the grave, along with themselves.

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