Iran to hold 2nd calligraphy biennial

Iran to hold 2nd calligraphy biennialIran is planning to hold the second edition of its International Calligraphy Biennial, showcasing various works in the western city of Qazvin.

Organized by Qazvin’s Culture and Islamic Guidance office in collaboration with Iran’s Visual Art Center, Iranian Calligraphers Association, ECO Cultural Institute (ECI) and the Institute of Contemporary Visual Arts Development, the event will be held in May 2012. 

Participating works will also be displayed during an exhibition held by the Iranian Calligraphers Association in Qazvin and Tehran after the biennale. 

The Iranian city of Qazvin was selected as the calligraphy capital of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) in 2010. 

Iran’s first International Calligraphy Biennial was held in May 2010, presenting Nasta’liq, Cursive Nasta’liq, Naskh, Tuluth and modern works by more than 400 artists. 

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