President Ahmedinejad: Power of arms no longer determining global relations

ahmadinijadPresident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the power of arms is no longer determining global relations.
He made the remarks in a meeting with leaders of Abrahamic religions and peace activists here Tuesday evening.
Noting that world conditions are changing, he said currently Iran’s nuclear program is used as a tool in the hands of hegemonic powers despite the fact that it is neither a technical nor a legal issue.
He said legally speaking and based on the regulations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Iranian nation has the full right to develop clean energy.
From the technical aspect, too, he added the IAEA is fully supervising Iran’s nuclear activities.
Ahmadinejad said now the US uses Iran’s nuclear program to confront the Iranian nation but what excuses it had to back Saddam in attacking Iran 33 years ago.
He reiterated that since the Iranian nation toppled the dictator regime of former shah, who was supported by the US, and gained freedom, the Islamic Republic has been faced with the US animosity.
The President referred to the US sanctions against Iran in the past 18 years and said when the sanctions started there was still no talk of nuclear program which could be used by the US as excuse to pressure Iran.
Stressing that the issue of Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities is politically-motivated, he said the US is focusing on such issues just to dominate the Middle East energy resources and is angry with Iran because Tehran does not let it achieve its objective.
He further pointed to the Western countries contradictory approach regarding their opposition to the atomic bombs and said if they are true with their claims why they do not destroy their own nuclear bombs first.
President Ahmadinejad commented on the Zionist regime’s threats against the Iranian nation and said such moves show its weak position.
Saying that the Zionist regime is suffering from mental disequilibrium, he noted that the regime has launched five wars in the region since its formation, killing thousands of people the last of whom were the assassinated Iranian nuclear scientists.
Noting that many in the world including Americans hate the Zionist regime, he said a free polling in the US would manifest that Americans are firmly demanding their government to stop supporting the Zionist regime.
Addressing the leaders of certain countries which accuse Iran of seeking wars, President Ahmadinejad said the countries which spend dlrs 700 billion as military expenses are certainly the ones which trigger wars in the world. He said the mistake the present American leaders are making is that they are dreaming of reviving their old empire but they have to realize that it is impossible for them to do so because any empire needs a theory to back it while the thoughts of American leaders have already proved futile in all areas.
He further stressed that the Iranian nation is scared of nothing and will confront all bullying powers.
Underscoring that the present world order is collapsing, he said the world is currently in need of a new just order which would respect the dignity of the human beings and guarantee prosperity, security and peace for all.
Saying that the present structure of the United Nations needs transformations, he emphasized that while 200 world countries are members of the organization, decisions are made by only a few countries due to the fact that the decision-making process there is corrupting, anti-human and against security and justice.
Referring to the elections procedures in the US, Ahmadinejad said only two political parties exist in America and no independent person has the chance to run in and win the elections.
Such a system, he added, will have no results but discrimination.

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