Iran hosts fourth intl. conference of ‘Gaza, Symbol of Resistance’

iran conferancaThe Islamic Republic of Iran is hosting the fourth international conference of ‘Gaza, Symbol of Resistance’ in the capital, Tehran.

Iranian officials, Palestinian resistance figures and pro-Palestine activists from different countries are taking part in the two-day event.

The conference aims to commemorate the resistance shown by Palestinians especially the people of Gaza during Israeli aggressions against the Gaza Strip.

“We will never be defeated by Israel. Therefore, we should always maintain preparedness. We call on our friends to give us spiritual, political and military support like what Iran did,” Abu Sharif, the Islamic Jihad movement representative to the conference told Press TV correspondent.

In December 2008, Israel launched a wide-scale war on the densely-populated Gaza Strip, killing over 1,400 Palestinians, including at least 300 children among them women and children.

But after 22 days of resistance by the Palestinian resistance movements of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, Israeli troops were forced to withdraw and accept defeat.

In November 2012, Israel launched another war on the blockaded strip, which killed more than 160 Palestinians and injured some 1,200 others. In retaliation, Palestinian resistance fighters fired rockets and missiles into the Israeli cities, killing at least five Israelis. The Israeli regime was forced to accept a truce after 8 days of war.

Gaza has been under crippling Israeli blockade since 2007, when Hamas, the democratically elected administrator of Gaza, took control of the enclave.


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