Ayatollah Khatami: Negotiating while keeping dignity another face of resistance

khatmi2Tehran’s Substitute Friday Prayers leader Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami said the culture of resistance is in no contradiction with conducting negotiation, rather they strengthen one another.
[Negotiating while keeping dignity another face of resistance: cleric]

Addressing a gatheirng of worshipers for the weekly ritual, he said political negotiations, if carried out while maintaining dignity, are part of resistance culture.

He said that the Iranian nation owed its 35 year of dignity to its resistance against foreign powers and the slogan of ˈDown with the US.

He reiterated the resistance culture could help the Iranian nuclear negotiators to get the upper hand in their talks with the Western sides.

He called on the Iranian diplomats to stand against Western pressures, saying when US officials try to undermine Iranian national honor through making unwise remarks, their words have to be reciprocated by the Iranian diplomats based on the resistance culture.


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