Ammar al-Hakim Says Iraq Will Never Normalize Ties with Zionist Entity

Leader of Iraq’s National Wisdom Movement Sayyed Ammar al-Hakim categorically ruled out the possibility of normalization of relations between Iraq and the Zionist regime, a move that four Arab countries have made so far.

In comments at a Saturday meeting of Iraqi elites and syndicate leaders, Sayyed Hakim made it clear that normalization of ties between Iraq and the Zionist regime will not take place.

“The issue of Palestine is not going to be over. It is broadly complicated,” he added.

He was referring to Bahrain’s decision to normalize ties with ‘Israel’ as part of a diplomatic push by the US.

In a joint statement, the United States, Bahrain and Israel said the agreement was reached after Trump spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa on Friday.

The agreement comes only a month after the United Arab Emirates became the first Persian Gulf Arab country to reach a deal on normalizing relations with the Zionist entity.

Bahrain is the fourth Arab nation to reach such a deal with Israel after Egypt, Jordan and the UAE.

Source: Agencies

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