Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades Spokesman: Americans Must Leave Iraq

The spokesman for the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades, Muhammad Mohi, said that the resistance will become more fierce and stronger if the United States insists on its obstinacy in the face of its exit from Iraq.He told Almasirah Tv that Iraqi diplomacy still has a major role in forcing the American forces to leave Iraq.

Mohi reiterated the advice to reconsider the accounts and recall the previous circumstances that forced the United States to submit to the will of Iraq after its repeated obstinacy. He pointed out that the resistance does not bet on the current Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and he has no right to confiscate the right of the Iraqi people and to keep the American forces in Iraq. He pointed out that America is a terrorist enemy for us, and it seeks to end the Popular Mobilization Forces, and it will fail in this matter.

The Iraqi parliament approved the exit of the American forces from Iraq, and the Iraqi forces are able to end any threat they face. He added that US by staying in Iraq, wants to guarantee the security of the Israeli enemy, and implement the deal of the century. It hopes to cut the road between Iran, Syria and Lebanon. “The cause of the crises in the region is the American arrogance and its attempt to dominate the world,” he explained. He stressed that America must understand that it must respect the will of Iraq, and that it will not be able to settle in it in any way”, he said.

He also stressed that America is unable to confront the will of the people, and the Iraqi resistance force was tested in 2003, and today this resistance possesses a lot of capabilities and combat experience. “We have announced in more than one statement our blessing for the resistance operations against the American forces, and our participation in the line of operations is based on the field and political situation,” he added.

He added, “We insist on removing the American forces from Iraq, and today we are calling on the Iraqi parliament to activate its decision, and then America will see that millions of Iraqis will face it”. “America knows well we know our capabilities and our determination, and we are proceeding with our decision to expel the American enemy from Iraq.”


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