Latest Updates on Iraq, 20 October 2020

– The Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced the formation of a committee to determine the timing of the withdrawal of US troops from the country.

A meeting chaired by the Iraqi Foreign Minister and National Security Adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister was held. Earlier, a spokesman for the Iraqi government announced the withdrawal of US troops in less than three years.– The burning of the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Baghdad by the supporters of the Hashad al-Shaabi forces after the conscious insult of Zebari (Uncle of Massoud Barzani) to these forces.

Hoshyar Zebari in a conversation with Al-Ahd Network after these events: “Others have misunderstood my words. Hashad al-Shaabi is a selfless and mujahid force and no one can disrespect its sacrifices.”
“We understand the feelings of Iraqis and the lovers of Hashad al-Shaabi’s sacrifices, but we oppose the use of violence and destruction in any way,” Hashad al-Shaabi said in a statement.– Iraqi anti-terrorism forces arrest one of the suicide leaders of ISIS in Kirkuk.– Stephen Hickey, British Ambassador to Iraq after visiting the grave of Yazidi leader Babashikh: “Britain welcomes the Sinjar agreement and we hope that the KRG and the Iraqi government and the United Nations will take joint action.– The US blocked the official website of Kataib Hezbollah in Iraq.

In the past few days, the website of al-Nujaba and Al-Itjah was also blocked by the United States.– Agreement between the Iraqi Ministry of Defense and the Peshmerga on security issues.

The Iraqi Joint Operations Command announced in a statement; Security issues that are important to the parties on the contact line were discussed and three main points were agreed upon:

1- Opening a main coordination center.
2- Forming a joint security, military and field board to assess security challenges.
3- Starting security and military activities in Diyala region.

– Continuation of Turkish airstrikes on Iraqi territory in the northern regions of the country.

– The martyrdom of one of the Hashad al-Asha’eri forces in Nahr Imam village of Diyala province.

– The al-Nujaba movement has denied any connection to the attacks on diplomatic missions in Iraq.

– The heliborne American terrorists in the al-Shalalat area northeast of Mosul.

– Meeting of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi and Commander of NATO forces in Iraq.

– US Secretary of State expressed satisfaction with the support of Iraqi officials for the Iraqi Embassy in Iraq.

– A roadside bomb exploded near an Iraqi army vehicle by ISIS in the Tarmiyah area of ​​northern Baghdad. Four Iraqi army soldiers were wounded.


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