All Parts of Diyala Province is Secure: Hadi Al-Ameri

Hadi Al-Ameri the general director of Iraqi Badr Organization in a news conference said Iraqi forces liberated all parts of Diyala province and Grand Ayatullah Al- Sistani has ordered security forces should protect people’s properties. Al-Sumeriya news website reported that according to Al-Ameri Iraqi forces regained control of different regions in Diyala province. Diyala Governorate located in eastern Iraq. This Governorate extends to the northeast of Baghdad as far as the Iran border. Its capital is Baqubah. It covers an area of 17,685 square kilometres . A large portion of the province is drained by the Diyala River, a major tributary of the Tigris. Because of its proximity to two major sources of water, Diyala’s main industry is agriculture, primarily dates grown in large groves. The province also contains one of the largest olive groves in the Middle East.It is also recognized as the orange capital of the Middle East. The Hamrin Mountains pass through the governorate. The ISIL Takfiri terrorists currently control a shrinking part of Syria and Iraq. They have threatened all communities, including Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds, Christians, Ezadi Kurds and others, as they continue their atrocities in Iraq, FNA reports. Senior Iraqi officials have blamed Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and some Persian Gulf Arab states for the growing terrorism in their country. The ISIL has links with Saudi intelligence and is believed to be indirectly supported by the Israeli regime.


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