Maltiple car bomb blasts in Baghdad claim 19 lives, wound 36

At least 19 people have lost their lives and over 36 others sustained injuries in multiple car bomb blasts in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, authorities say.

According to the officials, the deadliest car bombing on Monday rocked a hectic commercial street in the al-Habibiya area of south-central Baghdad’s Sadr City, claiming at least nine lives and wounding 22 people.

Another car bombing hit a vegetable market in the Tarabya section, killing at least six people and injuring 14.

Iraqi police also confirmed that a bomb went off near an intelligence branch of the Interior Ministry in northwestern Baghdad earlier Monday, killing four people.

Medical officials have corroborated the casualty figures.

There has been no claim of responsibility for Monday’s attack yet, however, Iraqi officials usually blame them on the Takfiri ISIL militants.

Baghdad, which was gripped by violence in 2006 and 2007, has enjoyed relative calm in recent months.

While Iraqi security forces have been preparing for a large-scale operation to retake the city of Tikrit, in the Salahudin province, military officials said they have decided not to rush the final attack and focus on minimizing casualties.

Iraq’s overall security situation has deteriorated over the past few months as the ISIL terrorists, of whom many are foreign nationals, have taken control of some parts of the country’s northern and western regions.

According to the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), a total of 1,103 Iraqis were killed in February, while 2,280 others were injured as a result of attacks in the country. The UN mission put the number of civilians killed at 611 and those injured at 1,353.

In the same month, violence also killed 492 members of the Iraqi army, while 927 others were wounded.

ISIL started its campaign of terror in Iraq in early June 2014. The Takfiri extremists, who currently control parts of Syria and Iraq, have carried out heinous crimes, including mass executions and the beheading of people.


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