Iraqi peoples are united against Terrorist: Najaf Friday prayer

Najaf Friday Prayers Leader as a speaker of the first day of the 6th general Assembly of Ahlul Bayt World Assembly quoted by ABNA as saying, “The people of Iraq from different race and ethnicity have united against the terrorist groups in this country.”

Hujjat al-Islam Sayyed Sadruddin al-Qubanchi pointed to the enemies’ efforts to divide Iraq stressing, “No country or group can divide Iraq since people of Iraq are following the path of their martyrs.”

According to Abna, he also stated that we must not let the conflict and sectarianism divide people and continued, “Some of prominent figures of Shiite and Sunni are trying to divide people, and they have prepared all the equipment against the national unity in different Islamic countries, but I must say that the people of Iraq and other Islamic countries will follow Imam Khomeini (RA) as an example against the invaders.”

Pointing to the Islamic Republic of Iran as an example for free nations and Hezbollah, Najaf Friday Prayers Leader emphasized, “Those countries which have been victorious against the invaders all have followed Islamic Revolution of Iran and the teachings of Supreme Leader as an example.”

“In fact, the policy of Supreme Leader is the same as the behavior and the policy of Ahlul Bayt (AS),” he added at the end.


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