Iraqi Commander, Abu Azrael Cycling Video in the Baiji Goes Viral

Abu Azrael one of the famous commanders of Iraqi Mobilization forces Cycling Video in the city of Baiji after cleanup operation in this city, Goes viral in social networks.

In this Video Abu Azrael says to ISIS terrorists that “as I promise I pursuit after you by bicycle”.
Abu Azrael is one the Imam Ali’s (PBUH) Popular Mobilization Forces battalion commander who’s videos in the battle with ISIL in Iraq is very popular in Social networks.

Ayyub Faleh al-Rubaie, known by his nom de guerre Abu Azrael‎, literally means “Father of Azrael”, also known as the “Angel of Death”, is a commander of the al-Imam Ali Brigades.

He is an Iraqi Shia militia commander of the Popular Mobilization Forces that is fighting ISIL in Iraq. He has become a public icon of resisting ISIL in Iraq with a large following on social media.

The Iraqi army troops along with popular forces have managed to fully liberate the strategic northern city of Baiji from the control of the ISIL Takfiri terrorists.


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