Al-Maliki: Solution to Syria Crisis Is Political

iraqi saderIraqi Premier Nouri al-Maliki reiterated that the solution to the crisis in Syria is a political one through dialogue and stopping the flow of arms into it, away from foreign interference and according to Geneva communiqué.

In an interview with RT television, al-Maliki expressed deep regret that Arab countries haven’t complied with decisions that call for a peaceful solution, and continue to send weapons to Syria.

He added that foreign interference in the Syrian affairs and pumping weapons into Syria have led to the current deadlock and will make it even worse were they to continue.
”If these countries care for the wellbeing of the Syrian people, they have to realize that this course will undermine the Syrians…They have to stop pumping weapons into Syria that exacerbate rifts and discord, and to stop fantasizing about gaining influence in Syria,” al-Maliki added.

He warned the countries which are backing arms and funds smuggling into Syria of the dangers of this trend, indicating that the internal situation of their own countries will become vulnerable and is already becoming so ”due to awakening sectarianism, meddling and expansionism..that’s why these countries are beginning to feel the consequences, for Syria is a pivotal country in the region.”

Asked whether his forthcoming visit to Russia will tackle the situation in Syria, al-Maliki said that the crisis in Syria is a source of concern for everyone and is one of the most pressing issues, recalling that he discussed the prospects for solving the crisis in Syria with the Russian Dmitry Medvedev several months ago.

He added that Iraq and Russia share convergent views on the necessity of solving the crisis in Syria through dialogue, and the importance that the role of the international community and the UN Security Council be to help the Syrians meet and reach a common ground.

Al-Maliki said that he intends to discuss the crisis in Syria with the Russian officials during his visit, as well as activating the relevant initiatives, especially the first Arab League decision and recommendations of Geneva meeting that all discard a military solution, considering that the initiative that Iraq proposed is one of the most mature initiatives proposed.

He expressed his government’s backing to the mission of the UN envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi for finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria.

Al-Maliki noted that the countries who are providing arms to parties inside Syria have to realize that this will lead nowhere, hoping that they will backtrack on this course.
He pointed to the deep relations between Iraq and Russia, adding that ”my visit to Moscow will revive the bilateral relations in all fields.”


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