Ammar Al Hakim says No Place for Tergiversation and Accusations of Disloyalty

ammar al-hakimThe head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, assured that there aren’t many options in the coming phase, calling on everyone to work on building a modern, fair and powerful State that defends the people and cater for their needs.

he highlighted that Iraq will not go backwards as it only has success in front of it; there is no place for tergiversation, vindication or accusations of disloyalty among us.

He pointed out that the choice and approach of the citizen’s coalition is coexistence, solidarity, development and putting the right man in the right place, indicating that the nation deserves sacrifice and deserves making the right decision and the right choice so that the citizens and the country win, sectarianism and death are defeated, corruption is eradicated, integrity and dignity are ensured and the culture of life triumphs.

He assured that “from the Babil of history and national unity, we will announce victory and declare the birth of the new Iraq”, stressing the need to rectify the path, achieve the vision, launch the project and prove to the world that Iraqis today, like their ancestors throughout history, have a civilization, have wisdom, an opinion and a will, and that they might fallback but they never deviate from the right way or lag behind development; they will not accept to stay behind other peoples.

He reminded that Iraqis have paid a heavy price to obtain freedom and govern themselves, calling on Iraqis to reveal their decision and their choice and to achieve victory for the country in the coming elections.

Sayyid Al Hakim pointed out that the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for freedom look upon the people of Babil to take a stance from the dark terrorism and to reassure them that they will not allow the obstruction of their project. He added that children envision their future through the magic hands of the people of Babil, calling on the youngsters to get to work and express their critical decision through the ballots, to give their trust to those who deserve it.

He underlined the importance of advancing the wounded Babil and healing its wounds, indicating that Babil today revolts with its Shias and Sunnis to purify its land from evil Takfiris. His eminence also stated that he’s confident that Babil will defeat terrorism just like it defeated sectarianism.


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