Iraqi warplanes, being spyed by US military


Washington and Tel Aviv are spying on all Iraqi army warplanes and they are monitoring their intel, military experts disclosed.

“The US Army and Israel are monitoring the communications and targets of all Iraqi army planes,” Iraqi military expert Safa al-A’asam told the Arabic-language al-Maloumeh news website.

He said that all the US military bases in Iraq have installed spying sensors inside the Iraqi fighter jets, adding that they provide Israel with precise intel of military movements in Iraq on a rotational basis.

In relevant remarks in early February, Iraqi security expert Kazim al-Haaj disclosed that the US Army was training the ISIL terrorists in Al-Anbar province.

“The US Army troops are preparing and training the ISIL militants in al-Qadaf and Wadi al-Houran regions of Al-Anbar province with the aim of carrying out terrorist attacks and restarting insecurity in Iraq,” al-Ma’aloumeh quoted al-Haaj as saying.

He noted that according to the intel obtained from Iraqi security forces in Al-Anbar province, the US had transferred the ISIL terrorists on Apache and Chinook helicopters to Iraq.

Pointing to the occupation of several regions in Western Iraq, including Wadi al-Houran and al-Qadaf, al-Haaj reiterated that the US Army was using this opportunity to deploy the ISIL terrorists after training them in areas where it plans to make hot.


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