“Butcher of Khiam” Transferred by Helicopter Outside Lebanon

Lebanese collaborator with Israeli occupation army Amer Fakhoury has been transferred outside Lebanon, two days after a travel ban was issued against him.

Al-Manar correspondent said that Fakhoury was evacuated by a helicopter from the US Embassy in Awkar, where he headed after leaving the military hospital following a decision by the military tribunal to acquit him late Monday.

Social media circulate a video showing a helicopter flying over the region of Nakkache. The helicopter was reportedly heading from the US Embassy and carrying Fakhoury abroad.

Fakhoury has been known as the “butcher of Khiam” over his leading role in kidnapping and torturing Lebanese prisoners at Khiam Prison. The former member of the so-called South Lebanon Army (SLA) – a proxy militia backed by Israeli occupation during the 1982-2000 occupation of Lebanon- oversaw the torture of thousands at the Khiam Prison in the 1980s and 1990s and was personally involved in the murder of several detainees

The decision to drop charges against Amer Fakhoury over “expiry of statute of limitations”, has drawn criticism by several Lebanese factions especially Hezbollah and Amal Movement.

“This day is sad for Lebanon and justice,” Hezbollah said in a statement on Monday, stressing that “it was more honorable for the head and members of the military court to submit their resignations” rather than to yield to the pressures by the United States.

Lebanese media reported that the military tribunal was subjected to high pressures by the US Embassy in Awkar to drop charges against the collaborator.

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