Resistance Parliamentary Bloc Calls on Banks to Open All Branches to Avoid Congestion

The Loyalty to Resistance Parliamentary Bloc in Lebanon stressed Thursday that the government is taking all the suitable measures with the least possible capabilities to confront the current challenges, especially the coronavirus outbreak.

After its weekly session, the bloc issued a statement which highlighted the importance of protecting the depositors’ funds, controlling the price of the US dollar and organizing the mechanism of the cash withdrawals from the banks.

Hezbollah bloc also called on the banks to open all their branches in order to avoid congestion in accordance with the governmental health plan to cope with the coronavirus,

The bloc also greeted the Palestinians on Land Day and their steadfastness in face of the Zionist aggression, reiterating support to the Palestinian people in their strife to regain their national rights.

The Loyalty to Resistance bloc also hailed the Yemenis’ confrontation of the US-Saudi war on their country, calling on KSA to stop exhausting the Umma’s capabilities and exposing it to the foreign blackmail and intervention.

The bloc also denounced the ongoing US sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran, which deprives the Iranians from their right to obtain the medical equipment to face the coronavirus.

-Resistance Parliamentary Bloc


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