Lebanon’s Christians warn of ISIL threat to their country

With a Christian population of around 40 percent, Lebanon is home to the largest percentage of Christians among all Middle Eastern countries. Contrary to Christian populations elsewhere like in Iraq, Syria and Egypt, those in Lebanon have not fallen victim to Takfiri groups. But the terrorists’ latest atrocities against Christians, including the abduction of over 200 Assyrians in the Syrian province of Al-Hasakeh, have pushed prominent Lebanese Christian figures to take the lead in warning of the Takfiri threat.

Christians in Lebanon, though not directly targeted by Takfiri terrorists, have felt the terrorists’ threat. According to various reports ISIS and other Takfiri groups have their sights set on Lebanon. Taken together these developments have pushed many of Christians here to become more outspoken in support of Hezbollah’s participation in the fight in Syria.

Takfiri terrorists hold territories inside Syria near the border with Lebanon, with the Lebanese army and Hezbollah continuing operations to prevent these elements from infiltrating into the country.

The Takfiri terror threat appears to have brought about more harmony between the Middle East’s Christians and those who are taking the lead in fighting terror, like Iran and Hezbollah. It has also revealed that Lebanon may be the most successful model in confronting the terror threat.


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