Lebanese Sunni clerics urge Shi’ah, Sunni clerics to mobilize against Takfiris

Shaykh Maher Hammoud called for Shi’ah and Sunni clerics to mobilize against the Takfiri terrorism.

Shaykh Ahmad al-Qattan, a Lebanese Sunni cleric and the head of Lebanon’s Qawluna wal-Amal [We Say and Act] Society, met with Shaykh Maher Hammoud, the president of Lebanon’s World Union of Resistance Scholars, at his office on Tuesday for a meeting and discussion.

Shaykh Hammoud described Takfiris as Kharijites and stressed the need for Shi’ah and Sunni scholars to mobilize to fight against religious sedition and prevent the spread of the Takfiri ideology in Muslim societies.

He added that Takfiris do not make any distinction between religions and we must fight this ideology. “Hezbollah plays an important role in preventing the threat of Takfiri terrorists from Lebanon and the military also has good gains in the fight against them.”

The Sunni scholar appreciated the Syrian army and the Islamic Resistance for the victories they achieved in Aleppo and praised the Iraqi army and Popular Mobilization Forces for their actions in Mosul.

Shaykh Hammoud called for the quick formation of a government with the participation of all groups and the approval of a just election law in Lebanon.

Battle against Takfiris is universal

Shaykh al-Qattan also stressed the need to protect national and Islamic unity in the light of the danger of Takfiri and Zionist terrorism and added, “All Lebanese politicians must unite in regard to the struggle against the Zionist and Takfiri enemies that are present on the borders and whose common goal is to strike at Lebanon.”

He added that the battle against the Takfiri threat is universal and this issue shouldn’t be described as the duty of a tribe, sect or a political party.

The Lebanese cleric called for accelerating the formation of the new government and insisted that the legitimacy of the government can only be obtained with the participation of all political groups and representatives of all religions and ethnicities.

“The participation of the speaker of the Lebanese parliament, Nabih Berri, is also considered one of the factors for the legitimacy of the government,” he said.

Shaykh al-Qattan called on the President, Michel Aoun, and the Prime Minister, Sa’ad al-Hariri, to form a cabinet and added that with the immediate formation of a government, the living standards of the people will improve and their economic problems will come to an end.


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