Hezbollah: Attempt to Target Grand Mosque in Mecca ‘Sinful Crime’

Hezbollah on Saturday denounced as a “sinful crime” the attempt to target the Grand Mosque in Mecca by Takfiri groups, stressing that the attack is part of a series of crimes perpetrated by terrorists across the Arab and Muslim world.

In a statement released by Hezbollah’s Media Relations, the Lebanese resistance movement said “the Takfiri terrorist gangs have been killing and shedding blood without taking into consideration any deterrent of religion, humanism or conscience.”

Saudi Arabia said on Friday it had foiled a terrorist attack on the Grand Mosque. the state Al-Ekhbaria news channel said 11 people were injured in the collapse of a three-storey building where a suicide bomber had been locked up and detonated.

“Attempt to target the Grand Mosque, the holiest site on earth in the holy month of Ramadan, proves again that the criminal ideology adopted by these groups pays no respect to a sacred place or a holy time,” Hezbollah said in the statement early on Saturday.

The resistance movement meanwhile, said crimes committed by followers of this ideology are based on Fatwas (rulings on issues of Islamic law) of aberrance and sedition which target the entire world without distinction between an ideology, a nationality or another.

Hezbollah meanwhile, called on different religious and political figures across the world to exercise joint efforts in order to confront these groups and their destructive ideology.


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