Hezbollah Condemns Kalam El-Nas’ Premeditated Act of Incitment on LBC

hezbollah_flagHezbollah issued a statement to condemn the ugly drive to incite sedition during last Thursday’s “Kalam el-Nas” show with Marcel Ghanem on the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC).

The statement read:

“We in Hezbollah categorically condemn the ugly act of incitement as perpetrated by the LBC, and we deem it  to be a contribution and intentional propagation of sedition in Lebanon by the administration of this television station, particularly between Shiite and Sunni Muslims. We also regard it as an abuse of freedom in Lebanon.

We therefore call on the Lebanese judiciary and concerned authorities including the Ministry of Information and the National Media Council to act responsibly in front of this real media crime that was committed last Thursday, and repeated again through a rerun of the program, thus showing that the television station’s deed was premeditated,” the statement concluded.


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