Aoun: Syria’s battle not to be lost, Al-Assad will remain

3ooon 1The Head of the Change and Reform bloc MP Michel Aoun stressed Monday that “We, in Lebanon suffer from a new reality based on escalated fraud and deception.”

On the last day of his visit to Canada, Aoun stated “falsification of history invaded all media, so that the hero became a coward and vice versa and the betrayer is being honored while the martyr is attacked.”

In parallel, he confirmed “we are not afraid of the consequences of the current crisis, because it is out of the control of the Lebanese, who form a strong alliance, prevent the loss of balance on the Lebanese territory, also prevent shaking stability.”
“The current Lebanese equation does not allow any force to manipulate the internal arena,” the MP added.

He further noted “Despite the western biased policy against our approach and future, we find them today trying to preserve Lebanon’s stability.”
On the Free Patriotic Movement alliance with Hizbullah, Aoun clarified: “Throughout the past years people have asked me what I have gained from my alliance with Hizbullah, and I used to say that I did not make a bet to lose or to win. On the contrary, I made a choice.”

“If we win, we want to win together; and if we lose, we want to lose together,” he stated.
The Lebanese leader further commented on the regional developments by saying: “The Middle East is still suffering from wars launched by the US in the region.”
“The problem in the Middle East is that there is a tough battle between the Western-backed extremism and Eastern BRICS countries backed by Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa,” he clarified.
On the Syrian front, Aoun emphasized: “After the end of battle in Syria, the world will regain its balance.”
“Syria battle won’t be lost because it will put an end to the infiltration of Islamic Takfiris and will give the floor to the moderates,” he predicted.
Moreover, Aoun reminded “There have been claims that the collapse of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is imminent. But he has not yet fallen.”
“I think he will not collapse, because the new international power balance will not allow anyone to take control of the world from now on,” Aoun concluded.


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