Al-Rai Urges Dialogue between Lebanese

krismisLebanese Patriarch Bshara al-Rai stated Tuesday that “the Lebanese people are waiting for politicians to resolve their disputes and sit.”
In his Christmas speech, al-Rai highlighted that “this would open the door to face the internal issues as well as the regional and international challenges.”
To the politicians, al-Rai sent a clear message: “Don’t fear the sacrifices of this dialogue because nations are built by the stone of sacrifices by those who are to serve the public.”
“With the birth of the Christ, the Lebanese agreed, through a national charter, to equally participate in power and will, thus being the pioneers of cultural and intellectual renaissance,” he viewed.
In parallel, the Patriarch urged the Lebanese to be a factor for peace in the Middle East through “the spread of dialogue, understanding and reconciliation.”
“The Lebanese must stand in solidarity with causes of the peoples of the region regarding peace and justice and away from violence and war,” he concluded.


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